” 29/4, Fri, 5th Day
We were supposed to meet Audrey’s brother at 1115am @ Tottenham Court. We woke up late (cos we dun want to use the toilet and delay the tenants there who are rushing to work or classes). We woke up at around 9am. Very late indeed.. considering the train was never on time and dun know how long it will take to reach the meeting place. After washing up, we had our breakfast. We decided to cook the eggs. Took us a long time to cook it cos dun know why, the stove was never hot enough but the eggs were still edible.
Next we decided to do our laundry. Dun know why too, the washing machine washed & spinned for many times. After it start the cycle again for the 3rd time, we decided to stop it. It already took up almost 1 hour! In the end we just throw it on the heater in the room for it to dry.”

这是我在欧洲时写的 travel journal。偶而决得生活很闷时,便会拿来翻一翻,读一读。