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I love to eat! Life is short and of course have to eat the best! Not so much of a review as I am not expert, just sharing the yummy food I ate.

Not Hungry in Iceland

We’ve all heard about it. It is not cheap to eat out in Iceland. So how do you manage your budget there and yet still be able to try out their specialties?

The 8 of us do have the Asian appetite and when we eat out we ordered the portion for just 4 people and share the food. Thanks to Icelanders, they do understand this Asian appetite and they encourage sharing too!

On other days, we will cook, so do look out for Air B&B for accommodation with kitchen facilities.

The supermarket was our favourite place in Iceland. Be it Bonus, Netto or Kronan, we been them all. Many people said that Bonus is the cheapest, but sometimes Bonus may be out of the way or certain items were only found in certain supermarket. To us, the prices did not vary very much, so well, just go to the nearest supermarket you can find. For fresh meat and seafood, find the Fisk Company. For booze, head to their wine shop — Vinbudin.





Our many groceries shopping which usually comes out to be about SGD100 per trip:

Home-cooked Food

We were blessed to have chef Kenneth in the house! See what he had whipped out for us!

See the variety of home-cooked food we had and there were many more! Other than getting our groceries from the supermarket, we also brought from home some of the cheat packs like instant noodles, porridge, etc. We had pork meat porridge on 1 cold day and it was so tummy-warming. Yumz!

Our prized items from our various groceries shopping had got to be the La Choy soy sauce and it claims to be better than Kikkoman! With this, we were able to have our steam fish, stir-fried vegetables and even fried rice, taste that is nearer to home!

Chef Kenn in action
Chef Kenn supervising his many helpers


Some of the memorable food we had eating out in Iceland:

Fish & Chips

The best Fish & Chips in Iceland got to be Sveitagrill Miu – Mia’s Country Grill. A food truck located at Skogafoss. For Kr 2,000 (approx SGD 30) You get quite a big piece of fish with potato wedges and 1 condiment. The fish was fresh, the batter was light. There are condiments such as the Icelandic tartar sauce (a must try!) and some tasty Icelandic salts. There are picnic tables set up around the truck but unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily that day and we have to settle the meal in our car.

The food truck
Yummiest Fish & Chip we had in Iceland
Hot and smell wonderful!
Raining too heavily, so we have to stand behind the car and eat

The other place we had fish & chips was at Icelandic Fish & Chips in Reykjavik. It had quite a good rating on Trip Advisor. Having had the yummiest fish & chips at Skogafoss, the fish & chips here was meh…

Lobster soup (Langoustines)

Voted as having the best lobster soup in Iceland on Trip Advisor. Saegreifinn – The Sea Baron is located at the harbour in Reykjavik. The restaurant is small and cramp. Order at the counter and pay. We ordered lobster soup for each of us, some skewers to share. Saw whale meat and we decided to order 1 to try.

Lobster soup
Whale meat

The lobster soup was not creamy and tasty enough. There were little lobster meat in it too. So to me it was meh~ especially after we had a better one at Hofn. The whale meat had a not-so-good taste, I guess it was more of an acquired taste? The meat was also quite tough to chew.

I much preferred the lobster soup at Pakkhus Restaurant located at the harbour in Hofn. So creamy and tasty!

A rainy day at Pakkhus which overlook the harbour and it was damn cold

Famous for its lobsters, naturally we ordered all lobsters dishes… The lobsters were fresh and cooked to perfection.

Langoustine Soup
The sauce tasted like our laksa, nice!


The Settlement Center Restaurant in Borgarnes

The Settlement Center located in Borgarnes consists of a restaurant and a museum. The museum holds two exhibitions – The Settlement of Iceland and Iceland’s most famous viking and first poet Egill Skallagrimsson. We were here in the evening after a long drive from Akureyri and the museum was already closed for the day. Luckily the restaurant was opened and we had our most delicious meal out here!

Freshly made bread and the butter with lava sea salt was heavenly
The yummiest stout ever. True to its name.. creamy as latte!
Lamb chop – so tender!


We’ve been drinking creamy soup and this is the first clear soup we had in Iceland. This is so yummy. It warmed our stomach on this cold day.


What? Hotdogs in Iceland?? Are you crazy? Well, no.. some articles even referred hotdogs as Iceland’s de facto national fast food! You see this hotdog stand in Reykjavik — Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur (which translates to “best hot dogs in town”) attracted a long long queue even though it was raining and cold..


What makes Iceland’s hotdog so popular? The hotdogs are made mostly from Icelandic lamb, along with pork and beef and they are organic — free range, grass fed, hormone free.


Our 1st hotdog (and the best) was in a random petrol station at a little town — Seydisfjörður in the East Fjords.  It was served on a warm, steamed bun topped with raw white onions and crispy fried onions, ketchup, sweet brown mustard called pylsusinnep, and remoulade, a sauce made with mayo, capers, mustard, and herbs.  The hotdog was very tasty and I love the crispy fried onions which really add to the wow factor of the hotdog!

Before I end this blog, another traditional Icelandic dish to try is the Icelandic Plokkfiskur. It is usually called Icelandic fish stew in the English menu. I was expecting some cream-based soup with fish meat in it, but no… it looks more like mashed potatoes. It is boiled white fish that is mashed and mixed with potatoes and sauce of onion, butter, flour and milk. It is also served with pieces of dark rye bread.

Our first Plokkfiskur at a random petrol station in Vik

Eat Till You Drop @ South Korea (Part 3) – The Best @ Jeju

Spicy Seafood Stew (Haemultang)

I still cannot forget the taste of the impressive pot of seafood stew we had in Jeju. Despite us having just had a full breakfast of porridge and such, we decided to order the big pot costing KRW 45,000/- (about SGD55/-), hey come on, there’s 5 of us and there’s only 100 pots a day! We just had to clear some stomach space for it.
Mike’s friend recommended us to this restaurant at Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong). A traditional Korean restaurant where you have to sit cross-leg on the platform with low dining table.
The restaurant to go! 100 seafood pot a day!
The bubbling pot of seafood stew was served on a stove set at high boil. We were all in awe.. a total of about 12 baby abalones, still alive, squirming away. There’s also a big squid, which I believe was still alive too. There’s more surprise in this pot as you dip your ladle in.. a bountiful harvest of seafood here – yabbies, flower crabs, clams..etc. All for just 50 bucks!
The waiter later will flip all the abalones over to cook and viola, we were all ready to tuck in.
The baby abalones were really fresh and springy to bite but don’t let abalones cook for too long, else it will be too tough and rubbery.
With so much seafood shimmering in the pot, the broth was really tasty! Spicy, yet refreshingly rich in taste. Be prepared to sweat throughout the entire meal!
The heavenly no other place seafood pot!
We had another round of spicy seafood stew at a restaurant next to our hotel at Seogwipo after our Hallasan expedition. The pot we had cost about KRW55,000 and there was about 20 baby abolones! A big octopus, with yabbies, squids, clams and lots and lots of soybean sprouts. The broth, however was not as shiok as the one we had at Sunrise Peak.
Another round of spicy seafood stew
Abalone Rice Porridge (Juk)
Before our heavenly spicy seafood stew, we actually had our breakfast opposite the seafood stew restaurant. We ordered abalone porridge which was so tasty and flavourful! I think the Koreans do their porridge really well.
Abalone porridge 
Sea Urchin Seaweed Soup (Miyeokguk)
Also ordered the sea urchin seaweed soup. Must be the proximity of the sea. Seafood here are all so fresh. There’s so much sea urchin in the soup and the sea urchin taste so fresh and sweet. Highly recommended!
Sea Urchin soup
Hairtail Fish (Galchi)
We see hairtail fish everywhere in Jeju since it is found in the water around Jeju. There are a few cooking method for the hairtail fish. We had it grilled and braised.
Nicely salted and grilled. Crispy outside with the meat soft and sweet.
Salted grilled Galchi
Braised in spicy hot sauce, the sauce taste good especially with their pearl like rice.
Spicy braised Galchi
Black Pork (Heukdoeji)
That’s what Jeju is famous for, said to be found exclusively in Jeju! Black pork especially BBQ-ed! There’s even a Black Pork street in Jeju so that you will not be conned! The hair of the black pig are usually not plucked out cleanly so that diners can be sure that they are eating the real black pig. After BBQ-ing, the hair will melt under the heat
We do not have the time to travel up to Jeju-si to have black pork there as we were based in Seogwipo-si. Nevertheless, we still managed to find a restaurant, recommended by Mike’s friend. We had a hard time finding the restaurant as this round our car GPS failed us. In the end we realised that it was very near to our hotel — Saeseom Galbi.
The meat was not marinated, so after BBQ-ing, will usually put in lots of sauce and stuff from the side dishes and wrapped it with the vegetables given. I wondered if we over cook it, I did not find it really good.
BBQ black pork, see the black hair?
BBQ-ing in-progress
I guess the winner was the beef! Well-marinated and we can’t help it but to order a 2nd round!
Really good beef!
Another place to satisfy black pork craving will be here! Seriously, I find it’s the best in Jeju! A little stall located just next the the Mysterious Road, we called it the Ninja Black Pork! Forget about the Mysterious Road, just come here to eat the black pork!
Nicely flavoured and BBQ-ed. The meat so soft it can almost melt in your mouth. Yums, I am salivating now as I am writing this post! Gosh! I missed the meat now!!!
The Ninjas!
It’s melt in your mouth black pork!
Fresh seafood at Jeongbang Falls
At the waterfall, you will see Ajumma there serving out the seafood, some look really weird.
Fresh seafood
Not cheap, KRW20,000 for this plate with 3 types of seafood. You can really taste the freshness of the sea! Kenn likes it but I find the clam-like stuff to tough for bites.
Fresh seafood on the go!
We did try other food in Jeju, but these are my favourite and the must eat when you are there. 🙂


Eat Till You Drop @ South Korea (Part 2) – Gwangjang Market

The heavy breakfast (or meal # 1) at Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market was first established in 1905 and is Korea’s oldest remaining daily market. The market is famed for its food selection and is also well known for its extensive selection of vendors offering silks and tailored Hanbok.

Wide selection of fabric to custom made Hanbok

2 criss-crossing corridors are the booths and stalls selling variety of Korean street foods like the Bindaetteok, Gimbap, etc. The market is bustling with activity where Korean workers flock to the market all year round to sit at the benches lining each stall to eat.

Gwangjang Market
At one of the stall
One of the nicest food there has to be the Bindaetteok, a Korean-style pancake made of ground mung bean cooked in frying pan till crispy. We ordered the original version and the one with pork added in. The pork Bindaetteok, crispy with tender juicy meat won the battle.
Bindaetteok – Mung bean pancake, with pork too!
Frying the Bindaetteok
Another Korea national food – Gimbap. Stuff with carrot, pickled daikon radish and rice. Rolled and tightly wrapped in a sheet of seaweed and then sliced into bite-sized. We ordered 1, but found the taste so-so thou it made a good filling food when hungry.
Another signature dish here will be the Sundae. Made from pig intestines stuffed with glutinous rice, pork blood and some other ingredients. Surprisingly nice, it was not dry, quite “juicy”, “spongy” and soft for bite. Very filling too.
Alongside is the pig trotters, quite fatty. The ajumma gave us so much.. we can’t finish.
Sundae – Blood sausages
Pig trotters
Pig trotters

This is nice although it’s just a side dish – Japchae. Cellophane noodles, mushrooms, carrots, spinach, onions and leeks.

Dumplings filled with leeks and pork meat. Steaming hot, I find it ok only but Zhix loves it.

There are also stores selling daily groceries and snacks. Very fascinating.

For side dishes
Soy crab for sale
~ To be continued ~

Eat Till You Drop @ South Korea (Part 1)

11 days of gluttony in South Korea. From breakfast, lunch, dinner daily to meal 1, meal 2 up to meal 5 or 6. This was how much we ate during the 11 days of the trip. However, there’s just too many type of food in South Korea, despite our 5 – 6 meals per day, we could only ate this much, guess not even 1/3 or it!


Here are some of the memorable food we ate.

莫名其妙的海鲜? Our first meal in Korea was this.. really, what’s this? The English menu said it’s seafood. The couple seated at the next table were eating it and it looked delicious. Looked spicy hot , could be great for this cold 1st night in Seoul. Not cheap thou – KRW44,000 (about SGD 50).

The dish came with huge serving. Originally thought it’s noodles but it’s actually soybean sprouts. Abundance octopus, small pieces of crab meat and many many unknown stuff inside. Some looked brainy, some taste really yucky.

Big portion spicy seafood casserole
What’s all those brain look-alike stuff??
Probably we were too adventurous… till now I still don’t know what’s the name of this dish.

Eating raw octopus! (Sannakji)

When you come to Korea, you just got to try this! Eating live small octopus! We randomly walked into this little restaurant at Gwangjung market where there’s a tank of octopus swimming. Ordered a small octopus at KRW15,000 (about SGD18). The little octopus was cut into small pieces, lightly seasoned with sesame oil and served immediately. Although cut into pieces, it was still moving! The suction cups on the arm pieces are still active thus care should be taken when eating. The active suction cups can cause swallowed pieces of arm to stick to the mouth or throat. It can be choking hazard if intoxicated.

The guys decided that they should drink soju to intoxicate the octopus… blah~~ anyway after their 1st piece, both gave a thumb-up! The girls on seeing this, decided to try… Wow.. I must say it’s yummy! Maybe is the seasoning? but the octopus was chewy and sweet. I try to put it between my front teeth and kept biting and chewing it until it is really to be swallow.

Not long, we finished the whole plate and the restaurant staff were all quite amazed. Haa..

Soy Sauce Marinated Crab (Ganjang Gejang)

It must be the yummiest stuff we ate in Korea! So yummy that we ordered another one despite the price.. KRW30,000 for one small crab. That’s how expensive it was.

The meat was firm and sweet. At first I thought it will be very salty since it was dunk in the soy sauce for awhile, but no. The soy sauce actually added flavour and complement the sweetness of the crab meat. I did not eat the roe, but according to kakis who ate, they said it was heavenly!

I read that the key to this cuisine is the marinade, it must be prepared just right so that it will not be too salty for consumption and yet strong enough for the blue crabs to ferment properly without strong odour. So that’s how complicated and so warrant this price tag.


The right way of eating was actually to use the shell as plate, put a spoonful of rice, add the meat and roe, drizzle the soy sauce mixed it and eat… aaahhhh…..

Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang)

The one soup to drink in cold weather, although the Koreans believe in the saying “Fight heat with heat” which means eating boiling hot dishes in hot summer days as the nutrients in our body can easily be lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summer..

A whole chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng, and various ingredients and slow cooked for a long time. Like the chicken soup, which is considered to help common sickness, samgyetang is also known be cure physical ailments and prevent sickness as well.


~ To be continued ~


当初想来香港是因为想吃些好吃的道地香港食物。香港吃的文化, 拥挤的小餐馆, 小小的桌子能够把我们5人挤下,点的食物很快地全都上。这里并不是让你舒服地坐上一天,边吃着美味食物边天南地北的闲话家常的。谨记,快快吃快快走人。离开了才开始回味刚刚吃的味道吧。

翠华餐厅 Tsui Wah Restaurant

抵达香港时已近午餐时间了。We are all very HUNGRY!!! 在油麻地的街头晃到了翠华餐厅。或许还早,还没有人排队我们5人很快就有位了。翠华餐厅是香港上流的茶餐厅。哈哈哈。。他可是上市公司喔!价格也高人一等哟。

Tim Ho Wan 添好运
G/F, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Nearest MTR station: Tsuen Wan Line, Sham Shui Po, Exit B2
Tel 2788 1226
Opening hours: 8am-9.30pm daily

最近在新加坡掀起排队热的香港米其林1星的添好运点心登陆了。我有辛在不必排队的情况下吃了添好运的点心。 第一个想法是这点心有必要排队数小时吗?

义顺牛奶公司 Yee Shun Milk Company

我们去的是位于旺角的餐馆。一样小小的一间店,却坐满了来enjoy美食的人们。一定要吃它的炖奶。香醇,口感顺滑,好吃! 选吃了红豆口味,nice!

Ritz Carlton Level 102 High Tea
International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Since this was an all girls trip, we decided to dress up and go for some atas high tea in Hong Kong. There are many recommendations from fellow bloggers on where to for high tea in Hong Kong. In the end we decided on Ritz Carlton!

The high tea is served at Ritz Carlton’s Lounge and Bar on the 102nd floor!

View of Hong Kong Island from the
Chill-out @ some unknown bar
Ok, so sorry I can’t remember the name of this place, or is there a name in the first place? Ally had recommended this place and we did a reservation too. It is at Hong Kong Island business district area and I remembered walking down a dark alley and we had to knock on a black door (oh, or did we press the bell?)

Four Seasons Claypot 四季煲仔飯
Operating hours: 6pm to 12am

听说很出名,店里也很多人。。可是我觉得ok 而已。

源记烧腊小厨 & 海皇粥店

在源记点了它最后一只烤乳鸽。满怀期待的, 可是觉得太油腻了。


小熊饼干 Jenny Biscuits


Omakase @ Teppei Japanese Restaurant

Teppei Japanese Restaurant1 Tras Link #01-18 Orchid Hotel (Tanjong Pagar MRT) Tel:+65 6222 7363 (Please call to reserve seats)Open daily: 12 noon – 2.30 pm; 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm

Life is full of surprises especially when you are having Omakase. “Omakase” is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it to you”. Diners who ordered Omakase in a Japanese restaurant usually expect the chef to be innovative and to surprise them with their selection of dishes and quality of the ingredients are not compromise.
Teppei Japanese Restaurant has been gaining a steady following these few years and as compared to the other restaurants serving Omakase, Teppei is considered a cheaper option with sets ranging from $50, $60 and $80 for up to 23 dishes.

Oh my, do be prepared for a wait as reservation usually is in advance of at least 4 months. Our reservation was made on 3 Oct 2013, and we had our Omakase experience on 11 Feb 2014. At current, reservation till Jun 2014 are full and the next booking for Jul to Dec 2014 will start on 29 Mar 2014. So this is how crazy it is. There’s 2 seatings for dinner: 6.30 pm to 8.20 pm and 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm

This is a really small restaurant with only 21 counter seats. It’s a feast to be seated right in front of the chef as you get to see him prepare the dishes.  You can joke or chat with him, buy him a drink too! I saw him drown down at least 2 beers and 1 cup of sake that night!

Chef Yamashita Teppei at work
Once seated, the waitress will come round taking your order. You will choose from 3 price range $50, $60 and $80 Omakase set. The differences lies with the number of dishes, the type of beef and type of sashimi. You may also inform what food you don’t take and they will adjust accordingly for you. Since it’s already a 4 months wait, we decided to just go for the $80 set.
Ok… time for our first Omakase experience! Dishes started to be served at great speed. For a start 4 appetisers:
Dish # 1: Lotus root salad

Jaapanese sesame salad dressing on thinly sliced lotus root. Nice, I always like their sesame salad dressing, so refreshing.

Dish # 2: Yellowtail with white raddish in miso

Another favourite. It’s fatty yellowtail, so soft and infused with miso.

Dish # 3: …. I am still clueless what is this

Blah…. one of the miss of the night. No matter how many times the waiter said the name of this dish, I just cannot figure out what it is.

Dish # 4: Grilled edamame

When I see this dish being served, all the question marks came popping out. The edamame seemed dried up and also the chao tar look. Well, surprisingly, the sweetness of the edamame was still there.

Dish # 5: Assorted sashimi

Time for sashimi!! There’s salmon, otoro (fatty tuna belly), octopus, scallop and swordfish served with grated wasabi. They were so fresh especially the scallop, so sweet. The otoro was good but there’s this frozen taste to it, I still think the one I tried at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant the best.

Dish # 6: Chawamushi

Smooth egg custard and the stock was really good! There’s mushroom, ginko and crab meat in it.

Dish # 7: Ice plant
Looked like mint leaf to me. Googled and found this blog (Shizuoka Gourmet) which you may read about the farming of ice plant. Eaten raw and it’s crispy.
Dish # 8: Codfish teriyaki

I love this! So meaty and soft.

Dish # 9: Tuna hand-roll

Must be one of the crowd’s favourite. I love the addition of crispy tempura bits in the hand-roll, so innovative! Yummy!

Dish # 10: Fried pufferfish
Oooh.. This really got me excited! It’s Fugu, pufferfish!! Oh mine! Is this the whole pufferfish??
Very soft meat, almost slippery in my mouth.
Dish # 11: Whale fin

This was interesting. Whale fin with a dash of miso (I think). Hmm.. not much taste.. like white fungus??

Dish # 12: Crab

The broth was too buttery so decided to squeeze the lemon in to give it a more tangy taste. The crab meat was.. well.. a miss.

Dish # 13: Soba tempura

Soba noodles rolled in seaweed and deep fried. Crispy tempura.

Dish # 14: Scallop sushi with uni
Oh my god!! This was simply heavenly!!! Ok, first wais the rice, very moist and soft but still grainy. The scallop, so meaty and oh so sweet and fresh. The uni (sea urchin)… I remember the last time I tried, it smelt like the drain, so yucky. This time, decided to give it another try.. ooh.. it was sweet, the sweetness of the ocean…
Dish # 15: Codfish sperm with puffer fish skin

An exotic dish of the night. The slices were the puffer fish skin, can’t really taste it. The codfish sperm soak in soy sauce (I think) was not as fishy as I thought would be, it was actually very mild.

Dish # 16: Botan prawn sushi

Found in all sea of Japan 300 – 500 metres deep. Usually eaten raw. Very crunchy and sweet tasting. Great!

Dish # 17: Fish roe with cheese

Sweetness of the roe mixed with the savoury cheese made a good combi. Aah, I love the roe popping in my mouth filling with sweetness.

Dish # 18: Smoked raddish lollipop
There’s really this nice smoky aroma, but taste wise was quite bland.
Wagyu beef  from Saga Prefecture


Dish # 19: Wagyu beef

When the chef took out the blocks of wagyu beef from the fridge, I got all excited. Oohhh aahh all the way at the marbling of the meat. The beef was from Saga in Kyushu Japan. It’s regarded as one of the top three beef in Japan. Before it was sent for cooking, the chef’s assistant brought round the counter for us to take a picture of it.

The dish was another heavenly dish. Top with charred fried garlic, the beef slices were so tender. Think there were 5 or 6 slices in the plate.. generous but ahhh… not enough!!


Dish # 20 Japanese tomato lollipop

It’s like coming back to reality when we were served this after a delicious beef dish. Well, still ok, supposed to be sweet?  but mine was a bit sourish.

Dish # 21: Clam soup
A hearty soup, light and refreshing, the clams were fresh and sweet.
Coming to the end of the Omakase experience, at mid point the waitress will come round and ask for your choice of main course and desserts.
Main course:
Rice dish – Sashimi rice or spicy fried rice with sunny side up
Noodle dish – Soba or Udon (available hot or cold)
For the love of sashimi, I naturally go for sashimi rice. A friend chose the spicy fried rice, another chose the hot udon.
Dish # 22: Sashimi rice

Really, the most worth it dish in the set. See the generous serving of the uni?  The otoro melted in my mouth. The tuna with roe was simply great. The uni, the same freshness, so soft that it melted in my mouth and filled it with sweetness.

Spicy fried rice with sunny side up

The fried rice was not bad but it was quite a big plate and seriously after so many dishes, how to finish this?

Dish # 23: Ice-cream
To end the day with a sweet note. There’s black sesame, matcha, yuzu, salted caramel and calpis. Oh, there’s also durian flavour!
It was really a great experience thou pricey but the quantity and quality of the dishes made it really worth the price paid. Definitely will like to come back again, thou not any sooner, wait for the next change of menu by chef Teppei.

The Coffee Daily

The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent

A rare chance that we decided to gather at Jennifer’s house this round for a steamboat dinner. She decided to bring us to this cafe near Chomp Chomp where she saw on TV for a afternoon kopi break before the steamboat.  She said it’s a vintage cafe (again?) but she can’t remember the name but do know where it is. Well, I tried google “Vintage cafes at Serangoon Garden”, “Cafes at Serangoon Garden”, not much results from it, thou I did chanced upon The Coffee Daily cafe which was only opened like 2-3 months ago.

Nice front.

When we reach the cafe, we saw a “Closed” signage hanging at the door. What?? on a weekend! We saw people inside so Audrey decided to go in nevertheless.  A guy greeted us with much puzzled on his face and told us that they are not open yet, business will start only on coming Monday.  All the question marks started appearing, huh???

The guy was really nice, after knowing that we had purposely came down  for the cafe (all the way from the far east .. :p) decided to welcome us in to let us have our coffee fix.

Clean deco

Clean, bright and uncluttered with mismatch furnitures of vintage vs modern, added points. Since it’s not opened for business yet, they can only offer us coffee.  Well, good enough for us. I smelt “trouble” when the guy said if we don’t mind the coffee as they are still “practising”…. erm…. Well, when my caffe latte was served, I had a feeling that the coffee will be bland, yes.. indeed. The texture of the coffee was too watery. The taste too milky and I can’t really taste the coffee itself (prob after too much coffee at Papa Paletha).  Hopefully in time to come it will be better.

Caffe Latte

They are really friendly people, asking for our feedback and really wanted to improve.  They had actually just took over the cafe which was previously run by a couple who, due to some personal commitments decided to give up the cafe.  They had retained much of the concept of the cafe and will be serving some simple pastries and also added on ice-creams now. More food will be added to the menu soon.

Well, I probably will drop by again.  You may catch a glimpse of our photo take there… Their 1st customer….  haa.