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Long Weekend Cycling Trip to Desaru

Date of trip: 8 – 10 Aug 2013
Kakis: Audrey, Chris, Kenneth, Tony, Wei Peng, Yin and me
Stay: Lotus Desaru Beach Resort
Weather: Very unpredictable
Total distance cycled: 103 km
Total time cycled: Approx 4 hrs 30 mins (1 way)

6 years ago, we did our first overseas cycling trip to a small village in Malaysia – Sungei Rengit. Back then, we rented bikes from a bike shop at Changi Village, booked a bum boat, set off to Pengarang and started cycling. I remember it was a hard ride under the hot sun and it seemed to take forever to reach our destination.

6 years later, making use of the long weekend holiday, we decided to do it again and this time shall go further and cycle up to Desaru!

Our cycling route

8 Aug 2013
At 5:30am, as I was preparing to leave home, it started to rain, raining real heavily. Arrgh.. what a good timing! How to cycle in this weather? Well, we still have to proceed since we’ve already booked a 2 nights stay at the resort. We all reached Changi Point Ferry Terminal at around 7:00am. We met the bum boat uncle and he managed to help us find another 5 pax to fill up the boat. So we need only pay $13 each. By the time the boat set off for Tanjong Pengelih Ferry Terminal, the rain slow to a drizzle and 1 hour later we reached Pengarang.

2 road bikes, 2 foldies, 2 mountain bikes, 1 hybrid, we started our ride at 9:25am. It was still drizzling but made for a great cooling ride! Not much traffic and the terrain flat. 1 hour later, we reach Sungei Rengit… for .. lunch….

The key draw in Sungei Rengit is the seafood and lobster is a must eat here. We decided to have our first meal at Jade Garden Seafood Corner. We ordered golden pomfret HK style, Hor Fun, herbal chicken, butter milk lobsters and vege.. and the damage — MYR430!! Gosh! Not cheap at all and the lobsters don’t really taste fantastic!

12:12pm. Time to continue our journey to Desaru. Once we were out of Sungei Rengit, there’s actually a split road. One way is leading to the Ostrich farm, another with a big signage pointing to Pulai Beach Resort 33km. Not sure who suggested that it should be the way where it’s pointing to Pulai Beach Resort which later we checked google map, it’s highway # 92. What a mistake!

We started our ride on highway # 92. There was this big question mark in our head. Yes, we knew that the terrain is hilly on the way to Desaru.. but a bit too much thou.. it even went up to a high 59m. It was demoralising whenever I see yet another hill to ride up… sigh. Next, why were there so many cars and they were all travelling very fast. The nicer ones kept a distance from us leaving a good gap between our bike and their car but some were really big bully! It was a stressful and tiring ride for me.

Well, cheers to us.. after riding for 2 hrs 28 mins we finally reach Lotus Desaru Beach Resort! Hurray!

9 Aug 2013
Rest & relax at the beach, pool.. celebrating National Day..

10 Aug 2013
Time to head home, it was a hot day with clear blue sky, unlike the day we came. We checked google map beforehand and went on the right route — highway # 90. Yes, this is the correct one. Terrain is flat with the occasional slopes, not much traffic andt so much more scenic and enjoyable ride.

By the time we reach Sungei Rengit we were all ready for lunch. This round we check out at Good Luck Restaurant. We ordered butter and oats lobsters (ultra mini), red emperor fish, wild boar meat and vege. MYR300.

Riding right after lunch under hot sun requires much determination. It took me slightly longer than the first day to complete the 17.30km from Sungei Rengit to the ferry terminal. Nevertheless, I am so happy when I finally reach the terminal. We were lucky, a bum boat with only 5 pax was already waiting and we were just in time to fill the boat.

It was an enjoyable cycling trip with really fun and trusty kakis. Cheers, to more adventures my dear friends!



Penang Scenic Trail 2010

The state of Penang is made up of 2 parts, Penang Island, a turtle shaped island 8km west of the mainland in the Straits of Malacca, and Seberang Perai, a rectangular-shape district connected to the mainland.

For the 4 days at Penang, we had rented a car and did a drive round the Penang Island.  While it’s very much a leisure drive around, it’s not without pain especially at Georgetown which is Penang’s largest city.  Traffic was really bad around Georgetown.

After our 3 days heavy weight food feast, we decided to do some sightseeing.  From the airport (after sending the other kakis to airport for their flight back home), instead of driving the same expressway back to Georgetown, we decided to go west ward via Balik Pulau, on to the northern coast to catch sunset and back to Georgetown for a massage.

Driving around, up and down the mountain

View from the car

The west to north route was a scenic route where you actually pass through mountains going round and up and down.  Traffic was smoother here than compared to the northeast and east of the island.  One thing good about self-driving during a trip is you can stop whenever you want and stay for however long you like.

Along the western route, we passed by the town of Balik Pulau than head straight on to Batu Feringgi.  Along the way, we saw a viewpoint which is actually an entrance into a durian farm.  Well, we did not go in, but standing at the viewpoint to take the picture of the town below the mountain.
View from the viewpoint next to a durian farm
Further down is the Teluk Bahang Dam.  This dam was completed in 1999.  The surroundings was scenic and peaceful.  It’s also a favourite picnic spot for locals.
Teluk Bahang Dam

At about sunset we finally reach the northern coast, including Batu Ferringhi that features the island’s best beaches and resorts.  We drive round, found a nice beach and decided to stop here to see the sunset.  Enjoying the sea breeze, listening to the orchestra from the sea, the sky lit up in bright orange smiling at us.
Beach along Batu Ferringgi
I know Hard Rock Hotel is just further down Batu Feringgi, well I want to get the shot glass since I am here.  Did not know that we will be welcome for a surprise by mother of nature.  We saw stunning colour display at the beach of Hard Rock Hotel!
At Hard Rock Hotel beach
Hard Rock Hotel
Batu Feringgi is one of Penang’s most popular beaches and has drawn tourists over the years to its sandy beach, I do hope 1 day I will have a chance to come back and stay at the beach front hotel.
From here onward to Georgetown the road is actually a winding stretch till you reach Gurney Drive.
Gurney Drive

Other than the scenic drive, we also did some trekking in Penang.  On an early Saturday morning, we decided to trek up Penang Hill, and take the funicular train down  Armed with information from the internet, we drove to Air Itam and start our trek up. The skies got gloomy with dark cloubs floating above us and down came a heavy downpour!  We walk faster and seek shelter at a little shrine hoping for the rain to stop soon.

It did and we continued on, but the rain came and go and in the end we realise we lost our way!!!  Seems that there’s a new road and we just went off track.  The weather was not good and still drizzling, the road was slippery now and it’s quite late.  We decided to head back, anyway we’ve managed to catch some nice view while we are lost.  Well, we were somehow lucky as later we realised that the train was actually closed for upgrading work since February 2010!  Haa, blessing in disguise I guess.
Trekking up Penang Hill – the steep route

It had truely been an enjoyable trip.  During the last day of the trip, it was lazing at the hotel’s swimming pool and eating the equally delicious hotel buffet breakfast.  Along our way to the Airport for our flight home, we decided to drop by Penang’s largest shopping mall — Queensbay Mall, and was greeted by yet another nice view from there…
Biggest mall – Queensbay Mall
View from Queensbay

Eat Till You Drop — Penang Food Trail 2010

Yes! I went Penang again! For the 3rd time, for the food again!  Well, slightly different this round, stayed for a whopping 4 days, rented a car, got to see beautiful sunset at the Batu Feringgi, travelled around Penang…. thou not anytime sooner, but will definetly come back again to stay at their beachfront hotel….
It’s a wind whirl tour of Penang best kept food secret.  Around the historic city of George Town, we went from coffeeshop to hawker to shopping malls… it was eat, eat, eat, and eat in Penang.


Kedai Makanan Song River @ Gurney Drive (松花江餐室) 
Came here twice for the Otah and Roti Babi which is a must-try dish here.  Penang Otah, unlike those we have here, is soft and watery.  I tasted once at Gurney Drive’s “Newton Circus” equivalent and hated it, too soft and watery.    However, this one at Song River was good!  Soft yet still firm with big pieces of fish meat in it, taste of some herbs, mint? or lemongrass? Nice!  The Roti Babi, is something like Roti John in Singapore, but it’s minced pork in bread and deep fried.  Well, you see the oil oozing out but you don’t that oily actually.  The , Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶) was not bad, it’s the herbal soup base which I like.  Also tried the forgettable Orh Jian (蚝煎), Sotong Bakar, chicken wings and Lor Bak (卤肉).


Roti Babi
Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶)
Sotong Bakar
Chicken Wings
福泉香饭店 (Fook Chuan Heong ) 
344-G-5 Pengkalan Weld
Tel: 2611004
It’s seems a famous eatery, at almost 3 in the afternoon, the place was still filled with people for lunch? or tea break?  For us is definitely lunch.  Well, after tasted the food, it not crowded for nothing, believed the best Orh Jian (蚝煎) and Orh Mee Hoon is really here! The oysters were fresh (according to Kenn & Alicia).  The starchy blend or the Orh Jian was crispy and delicious, so different from what we had in Singpore, oozing out flavourful taste.  赞! The Orh Mee Hoon, almost like a dish of crab tang hoon, tasty and was finished in just a minute or so!  There’s also the Prawn Fritters, I wonder how they do it.  It was so crispy outside yet the prawn maintain it’s crunchiness and freshness.  Also ordered the Sweet Sour Pork Soup (咕噜肉汤).  At 1st sight we thought the meat was pork lard!  Are we going to eat pork lard, are we drink the pork lard soup?  Well, it turned out to be just pork meat, still prefer the normal 咕噜肉 with my rice and sunny side up.


Orh Jian (蚝煎)


Orh Mee Hoon


Prawn Fritters
Sweet Sour Pork Soup (咕噜肉汤)

Gurney Plaza @ Gurney Drive
Basement, the one next to the escalator (Sorry, forgotten the name of the shop)
It was a really hot day at Penang despite shower in the morning.  We decided to hide in the air-conditioned shopping mall and eat another of our favourite in Penang — Waffles!

Waffles with Chocolate Ice-cream

New Lane Cafe (Morning) + Mobile Food Stalls (Night) 
New Lane (At Sunway Hotel Georgetown)
Another must-go place in Penang.  In the morning, go to the cafe and have the fried fish with mee hoon.  Using fresh Threadfin Salmon, it was sold out by 10am! Crispy, the fish meat was soft and so fresh.  It was even better this 3rd time I am here!

At night, soak yourself in the pasar malam atmosphere and try our favourite Pig Intestine Porridge (猪杂粥).  The porridge was smooth, tasty with char siew and all sort of pig intestines fried to ultimate crispiness mixed in the porridge.  The ingredients just somehow blended in with the plain porridge.  Yummy!

Try their Curry Mee (咖哩面) as well.  Thick curry soup and for people who like the pig blood, eat this!  Also tried the Lor Bak (卤肉).  Not to be mistaken with those Taiwanese style, Singaporean style lor bak, Penang style lor bak is really like the Ngor Hiong (五香), but instead of minced pork meat and water chestnuts, the meat based is roast pork sio bak (烧肉).  Than you will eat with other food like century eggs, fried beancurb, some fritters (just like in Singapore’s 五香 with mee hoon).  Actually the best lor bak is still at another coffeeshop in Penang — Kek Seng Cafe (格成餐室) along Penang Road, 384 & 382.

Fried Threadfin Salmon


Pig Intestine Porridge (猪杂粥)


Lor Bak (卤肉)
Curry Mee (咖哩面)
Padang Brown Hawker Centre
Jalan Anson (Most stores open after 1230pm)
This place has the best Ice-Kachang and Pasembur.  Especially the Pasembur, meant Indian mixed fruits but with no fruits to be found in the dish.  It’s cucumber plus crab meat (it’s the real meat not those crab stick), potato, eggs, fish cakes and thought there’s jelly fish or?? mixed with spicy peanut sauce.  It’s surprisingly refreshing espcially under this heat.  If you want Pasembur, Padang Brown is your number 1 choice.
Did not try the Ice-Kachang this round, but tried the Chendol instead.  It’s top with thick and sweetened red bean.  Enhanced with coconut milk sweetened with gula Melaka giving the aromatic flavour.
Tried the Poh Piah here.  Penang style is wet (some soup base under the poh piah) with the usual ingredients and fresh crab meat.  I am able to appreciate it this round starting to accept the poh piah to be “wet” instead of the usual dried ones.
Rounding off here is Yong Tau Foo look-alike.  Clear soup and I see greens! Finally some vegetables!
Poh Piah
Some Yong Tau Foo Look-alike
Kafe Khoon Hiang
Dato Keramat, next to small lane Jalan Johor
There’s only about 3 food stalls here (other than the drinks), but it housed the famous Penang Char Koay Teow here — Ah Leng Char Koay Teow.  Prepared for a long wait, we waited for 30 minutes but was worth it!  Ordered both the normal (RM5) and special char koay teow (RM9.50).  The verdict? The special one tasted better.  Well, it got to be at that price,  with 4 fresh prawn fried till semi-cooked leaving it so crunchy, mantis shrimp, cockles at medium cooked.  The fried koay teow is neither wet nor dry and it’s not so oily as those in Singapore.  Of course, tried many char koay teow in Penang, other than this, another memorable one is at the Gurney Drive Hawker Centre — remember stall # 107.
Also ordered the Hokkien Mee (福建面), again a different version from what we normally had in Singapore. This is  noodles in prawn and pork soup with slices of pork, prawns, hard boiled egg, vegetables, beans sprout and sprinkling of deep fried shallots. Worth a try here.
Fried Char Koay Teow
Hokkien Mee (福建面)
Other food to try:
Assam Laksa.  A far cry from our sweet, coconutty version, this comes with sour broth flavored with tamarind or also called assam with pureed fish, fruits, veggies and chili mixed in.  Though I still prefer our version, but the Penang’s assam laksa still give you a hint of cool and refresh factor even under the hot sun!  So which version you like it, the sweet or the sour?  Had tried in different places in Penang, heard the best is at Ayer Itam Market, near Kek Lok Si Temple.  Kenn’s mum said the best is in Balik Pulau.  Let me know which is good if you get to try.
Assam Laksa at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre
Chee Cheong Fun.  Made of rice flour, steamed and rolled up to about 10cm long to resemble the pig’s intestines.  Penang’s version is different from what we usually at here and Hong Kong.  Here, it is served with a mixture of chilli sauce and shrimp paste (Hae Ko), thick red sweet sauce and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.  Well, the hi-light is really the shrimp paste.  We ate at Seow Fong Lye Coffeeshop, 94C Lorong Macalister.
Chee Cheong Fun
Of course there’s still many food to try in Penang, like the Char Koay Kak, Koay Teow Th’ng, A-pom, Roti Canai, Roast duck, Wan Tan Mee, Penang Rojak, etc.  Some I’ve ate during my last 2 trips, some not tried yet.  Do explore and indulge yourself in this food paradise of Penang.

马六甲美食峰会 Malacca Gourmet Summit 2009

峰会成员 The Delegates: Chris,茵茵,雪芬,Jelyn,Alicia, Nic, Rudy, Weizhen, Kenneth & Tony。

第二届的美食锋会喔。这一次两辆车直冲上马六甲。 不为什么, 只为寻觅美食。。

原本打算来个Durian breakfast 的, 可是来到了果园却发现 durian season 已过了。。。几个刚刚一脸很 sweat 的,这时松了口气。。心里直呼 “还好, 还好”。 纳闷着七早八早吃什么 durian 啊???? 还是来个正统早点吧。

香江茶室 Siang Chiang Kopitiam
59 Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 75000 Melaka

传统早餐 – 烤面包+两粒鸡蛋+咖啡
特别介绍它的烤面包。 好喜欢那浓郁香喷的 kaya。
马六甲的天气是热的, 最好来个冰冰凉凉的 Chendol !!! 这里最出名的甜点, 因为她们的 Gula Melaka, 椰糖。 味道很浓郁, 不像在这里的,超级的稀薄,根本吃不出椰糖的味道。当然, 在马六甲那里都在卖 Chendol, 可是,不是每间的都好吃啊。 极力推荐在 Jonker Street 的。
Kedai Antik 88
Jonker Street

应该不会错过这间店, 因为总是有着长长的人龙。同一间店面也卖 Laksa。 店里是古色古香, 充满怀旧风情。

晚餐想吃 Satay Celup。 形式如同我们的传统火锅, 只是不是典型汤底而是沙爹酱。
Capitol Satay Celup
41 Lorong Bukit Cina

天啊! 我们竟然排了1个半小时的队。 我都快饿昏了。 一次就够了至少我吃到了啊。。。
还以为沙爹酱的杀伤力会很猛, 可是出乎我意料之外。 还属蛮温和的, 而且并不会因为吃太多而觉得油腻。 还越吃越有味呢。在店员替我们调好酱料后, 一群饿鬼就拼命的把一支支的串食往酱锅里推。。。
我喜欢吃娘惹糕点。 来到这里怎么能不买到地的吃呢? 谢韵仪主持的一个节目 里曾介绍过这里。
Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake
72, Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2
75200 Melaka
还真不容易找啊。 在一个小巷子里的其中一间排屋。 到的时候好像已快卖到七七八八了。我们买了很多种类的糕点。可是我印象比较深刻, 又好吃的只有 Onde-Onde。 一口咬下, 里头香浓的椰糖 (Gula Melaka) 马上在我嘴里肆溅。 我满口的椰糖,感觉还真甜蜜幸福喔!
三天两夜,虽然也吃到没什么印象的食物, 至少我永远记得马六甲特有的椰糖。 我记得迷路的羔羊车。 我记得喝得迷迷糊糊的小朋友。 我记得大伙儿的热情与宽容。。。
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