An eventful day..。 @ Kyushu

What an eventful day…

Took a day trip to Aso. An active volcano in the perfecture of Kumamoto. I was lucky enough to be able to see the crater, with the lava boiling… cos awhile later, they close the place, and stop visitors to the crater. Due to increasing high sulphuric content… really cannot stand the smell thou…

Later, went to Kumamoto Castle..

& I ended my day with a movie!! My most expensive movie ¥1000 which is about SGD 13.00!! But, this is 1 of the cheapest as it is “Lady`s day”. If not the usual price will be ¥1500. There`s only 1 english movie – “No Reservation”, in english, japanese subtitle. 日本語は-”辛せのレシピ”.

Me @ Aso



  1. hey qing ren! ;P when was the last time I called you “qing ren” man… laughs. Wow, didn’t expect you to blog all the way from Japan! Really envy you, why you never bring me, along? I’ll be very obedient. >,< <--- *flash angelic face* Next time bring me to Japan k? Heheh... This is my first time coming to your blogspot and wow, so many post! You know, while I envy you being able to travel to Japan (while i continue to slog at work, sob sob), other people might envy me for other aspects. Sometimes in life, we feel down and strengthless to even bring yourself to move on. But things happen for a reason, not to pull you down, but to shape you to be a stronger person. Let it be your strength instead of your burden. We can be poorer than others in certain aspects, but I believe we are richer than others in some other aspects. At the end of the day, I may not understand how you feel, but just to let you know, I'm always there for you. Look forward to seeing you after your trip.... Take care and rock on in Japan! 😀


  2. hee.. u should know who is this. didnt expect u to be able to blog in kyushu. paiseh, @ work, so cant take my own sweet time to write in chinese. gal, jus focus on having fun there, planning on where to go, wat to try, wat to eat. recharge yourself for another chapter of your life 😀 u’ll be back sooner than u realise. enjoy while it lasts.cheers ; )


  3. dear friends… it`s so nice to be able to see comments of encouragement here in Japan. Really grateful & I know I am not alone.. Don`t worry, I will come by… がんばってね。


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