It’s a short holiday for us all away from work, restlessness and tiring days…

It all started when we are planning for Sharon’s Hen’s party… since she don’t frequent night spot, than this shall be the night! We decided to go St James.. and we started planning some sabotaging on her and it led us to have a short getaway at Sentosa!

Resourceful Jia booked a 2 nights stay at Siloso Beach Resort, upgrade to family room with 4 single bed… When I first stepped into the room, i was “WAH!!” funny room.. long narrow room, with 4 beds spaciously placed side by side. No bathtub *sad ~ no bubble bath liao*.. hmm.. more like a chalet.. high class 1.

Ok, back to the Hen’s Night.. we decided to go to Dragonfly, thinking no queue.. but in fact the crowds are already inside. I find the place funny… live band Mandarin pop performance. The dancers are hot!! but when come to down romantic number, couple singers looking longingly at each other.. errh… weird.

The lady standing next to me.. guess she was on a retro mood that night, wearing very “retroly” and dancing like nobody biz.. i believe she is in a mid-40s? if not, than guess there’s something wrong with her beauty regiment.

The night Audrey had a few stamps on her eyes.. “bioing” a guy which she repeatedly said he is good looking .. not bad.. blah blah.. well.. 1 look at him, i know he is those.. ermm.. sorry :p

It’s also a night when Ivy did rough on Audrey! a 1 night loggerhead?

After that we decided to head back to Sentosa – Cafe Del Mar @ Siloso beach. It’s already 2am and after some drinks over at Dragonfly, we all got quirky.. cocky?? asking whether there’s longan martini?? more lychee in our martini??

4am… Sharon, is this your 1st time being out so late?? wow.. kudos to you gal.. kudos to Jia.. you are sick and yet, you still look so awake!! Ok, for me, Cat, Jia and Audrey, home is just next door. After showers, small talks.. knock off @5am…

Morning breakfast was buffet style but limited variety.. well, as long as there’s cornflakes and eggs, it’s really alright for me. Must try the croissants.. baked in-house wor.. while Cat and Jia decided to go back to their beauty sleep, me and Audrey head to Tanjong Beach for our 2 days suntanning mission. I must get a tan!!

The process of of smoothing on tanning oil, letting the sun shine on you, dipping and swimming in the sea was really a relax and peaceful thing to do. Nothing on my mind, just to relax under the sun. God had been kind to us.. the sun continue to smile brightly at us without the rain 😀

Made a trip out to Vivo and we got Ben & Jerry’s Turtle soup ice-cream back. Turtle soup? Did I write wrongly?? there really is one and it’s heavenly!! Caramel and cashew nuts in vanilla ice-cream. Have to eat with the nuts.. 1 bite and the sooty nut fragrance filled your mouth with the caramel lingering and the vanilla ice cooling you..

It’s really nice to be out and away from home and work and unhappy encounters. I will hope to do more of this with all my good friends 😀