It was a super R&R trip.  No rush, no alarm clock, get to watch exciting World cup match, super good & cheap massage, swimming in a nice beautiful pool, get to eat cheap & delicious food… Wow, I am contended with this short 3 days break from work and Singapore….

Batam Harris Resort

I’ve been to this place before Harris came around.  It was previously called “Quality Hotel” but with no quality to be mentioned and long forgotten.  Now they’ve transformed to be the hip & trendy resort.  Stayed in the newly constructed Harris Trendy.

I am really impressed by the transformation and even the surrounding has changed!  I don’t recalled there’s such beautiful scenery then, not to mention the nice sunset for the 2 days!

It was saturday night and coincidentally it was the night of the lunar moon elicpse!

There’s a few ponds near the resort, so we decided to do some fishing… Rp 10,000 for a rod… with natural bait.. earthworms!  The guy dug out quite a lot for us.

Isabella Massage House
Nagoya Hill Shop House Block G No.5
Highly recommended massage place. Cheap and really good. Massage was painful (for me) but the after effect was really good, at least the strain was gone.

Relax with wine, biscuits & cheese 😀

Ate cheap and nice food in town and found a kopitiam opposite the resort.  It serve delicious Nasi Padang.

I will definetly be back again.  Contended…