Yes, Hong Kong is not just a place for yummy food and crazy shopping. This densely urbanized country do have much more to offer to nature lovers.

What’s a trip without trekking (ok… just to me and my trekking kakis)??

“Let’s just go for a short trekking that is not too “siong”, ok?”

Sure! After much research, we decided on the Dragon’s Back Trail in the Shek O County (石澳). It promises a relatively easy trek for beginners with stunning 270 degree scenic view of Shek O, Tai Long Wan (大浪湾), Stanley (赤柱), Tai Tam, and the South China Sea.

Click here for the trail and how to go.

Magnificent view from the top




看了看旅游指南的介绍,就决定了港岛径第八段中的 “龙脊” 路段。曾被国际杂志誉为亚洲第一径的「龙脊步道」,以270度的无敌海景闻名于世。资料上是这么说着: “位于香港东南端鹤嘴半岛的山脊步道,是一条轻松易行的步道。走在”龙背”之上,香港南岛风情一览无遗,石澳与赤柱半岛的蜿蜒海岸线是这步道的视觉焦点。”

See the route we trek through?

As we went during the summer (June) the temperature was a scorching high of 33 degree, which although was the same as in Singapore, but as the trail was not covered by trees, so you will be exposed to the sun throughout the trek, thus it’s really better to go during the autumn time when it will be cooler.

I still don’t understand what they meant by “1Km 1hr”
Start of the trail
Gentle slopes

虽然真的很热,可是我还是很享受这样很没压力的远足。空气清新偶有凉风吹过,带来丝丝凉意。这条山路与我们的Bukit Timah Hill相比起来我还觉得Bukit Timah Hill稍微吃力点。要不是天气热得真的太过了,这 “龙脊” 步道是个相当轻松的远足。 建议大家不妨来走走,为你的香港行添些不一样的回忆。

The view halfway up the summit
Not much shelter from the plants, so it got real hot!
Well maintained trail
It’s the summit after this 😀
The summit at 284m above sea level

来到了山顶,虽然也没走很久,被热浪侵蚀的我们却是疲倦的。石头,木椅都已被太阳照得烫热,想坐下来休息都不行, 还是快快拍了照走人!

A panorama view from the summit
After the summit, towards the other side Tai Long Wan


If there’s a chance again for me to trek Dragon’s Back, will definitely pack in my swimming barangs and walk towards Tai Long Wan for a dip in the sea after the trek!

The path is shared between the cyclist and the trekkers
Kudos to the cyclist who cycle up.. really not easy

Along the way there’s bountiful of plants and flowers…