Spicy Seafood Stew (Haemultang)

I still cannot forget the taste of the impressive pot of seafood stew we had in Jeju. Despite us having just had a full breakfast of porridge and such, we decided to order the big pot costing KRW 45,000/- (about SGD55/-), hey come on, there’s 5 of us and there’s only 100 pots a day! We just had to clear some stomach space for it.
Mike’s friend recommended us to this restaurant at Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong). A traditional Korean restaurant where you have to sit cross-leg on the platform with low dining table.
The restaurant to go! 100 seafood pot a day!
The bubbling pot of seafood stew was served on a stove set at high boil. We were all in awe.. a total of about 12 baby abalones, still alive, squirming away. There’s also a big squid, which I believe was still alive too. There’s more surprise in this pot as you dip your ladle in.. a bountiful harvest of seafood here – yabbies, flower crabs, clams..etc. All for just 50 bucks!
The waiter later will flip all the abalones over to cook and viola, we were all ready to tuck in.
The baby abalones were really fresh and springy to bite but don’t let abalones cook for too long, else it will be too tough and rubbery.
With so much seafood shimmering in the pot, the broth was really tasty! Spicy, yet refreshingly rich in taste. Be prepared to sweat throughout the entire meal!
The heavenly no other place seafood pot!
We had another round of spicy seafood stew at a restaurant next to our hotel at Seogwipo after our Hallasan expedition. The pot we had cost about KRW55,000 and there was about 20 baby abolones! A big octopus, with yabbies, squids, clams and lots and lots of soybean sprouts. The broth, however was not as shiok as the one we had at Sunrise Peak.
Another round of spicy seafood stew
Abalone Rice Porridge (Juk)
Before our heavenly spicy seafood stew, we actually had our breakfast opposite the seafood stew restaurant. We ordered abalone porridge which was so tasty and flavourful! I think the Koreans do their porridge really well.
Abalone porridge 
Sea Urchin Seaweed Soup (Miyeokguk)
Also ordered the sea urchin seaweed soup. Must be the proximity of the sea. Seafood here are all so fresh. There’s so much sea urchin in the soup and the sea urchin taste so fresh and sweet. Highly recommended!
Sea Urchin soup
Hairtail Fish (Galchi)
We see hairtail fish everywhere in Jeju since it is found in the water around Jeju. There are a few cooking method for the hairtail fish. We had it grilled and braised.
Nicely salted and grilled. Crispy outside with the meat soft and sweet.
Salted grilled Galchi
Braised in spicy hot sauce, the sauce taste good especially with their pearl like rice.
Spicy braised Galchi
Black Pork (Heukdoeji)
That’s what Jeju is famous for, said to be found exclusively in Jeju! Black pork especially BBQ-ed! There’s even a Black Pork street in Jeju so that you will not be conned! The hair of the black pig are usually not plucked out cleanly so that diners can be sure that they are eating the real black pig. After BBQ-ing, the hair will melt under the heat
We do not have the time to travel up to Jeju-si to have black pork there as we were based in Seogwipo-si. Nevertheless, we still managed to find a restaurant, recommended by Mike’s friend. We had a hard time finding the restaurant as this round our car GPS failed us. In the end we realised that it was very near to our hotel — Saeseom Galbi.
The meat was not marinated, so after BBQ-ing, will usually put in lots of sauce and stuff from the side dishes and wrapped it with the vegetables given. I wondered if we over cook it, I did not find it really good.
BBQ black pork, see the black hair?
BBQ-ing in-progress
I guess the winner was the beef! Well-marinated and we can’t help it but to order a 2nd round!
Really good beef!
Another place to satisfy black pork craving will be here! Seriously, I find it’s the best in Jeju! A little stall located just next the the Mysterious Road, we called it the Ninja Black Pork! Forget about the Mysterious Road, just come here to eat the black pork!
Nicely flavoured and BBQ-ed. The meat so soft it can almost melt in your mouth. Yums, I am salivating now as I am writing this post! Gosh! I missed the meat now!!!
The Ninjas!
It’s melt in your mouth black pork!
Fresh seafood at Jeongbang Falls
At the waterfall, you will see Ajumma there serving out the seafood, some look really weird.
Fresh seafood
Not cheap, KRW20,000 for this plate with 3 types of seafood. You can really taste the freshness of the sea! Kenn likes it but I find the clam-like stuff to tough for bites.
Fresh seafood on the go!
We did try other food in Jeju, but these are my favourite and the must eat when you are there. 🙂