What to do in Tasmania? A nature wonderland with its many national parks and reserves, what’s more to enjoy and experience the natural beauty in Tasmania? Take your time and explore with your own two feet. National parks, reserves and conservation, some just within few minutes drive from the city. For nature or trekking lovers like me, we are spoit for choices when in Tasmania. What treks to do? The treks ranged from the easy to the difficult, day treks to multiple days overland track. Oh no.. how to choose?

So wanted to do the famed overland track but it can take us 5-6 days. For our short 1 week stay in Tasmania, we settled for the following short treks instead.

Dove Lake circuit and Marion lookout

Located in Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park. The Dove Lake circuit trek is a 6 km track (about 3 hours walk) which is board-walked most of the way beneath the towering Cradle Mountain. This is also one of the most popular walk for visitors here. One of the highlights from this trek got to be the stunning Ballroom Forest. It was really like entering into another world, like an enchanted forest! The husband also spotted a wombat while doing the trek, but it vanished  very quickly into the woods as we tried to have a better look of it!

Before we walked the circuit, we decided to side-track to the Marion Lookout first. Graded medium to hard, the trek involves some very very steep sections. Some parts required you to be on all four to climb up, the walk down is therefore not easy too! However it is totally worth it when you reach the top. Magnificent view of Cradle Mountain and the lakes. The trek will take about 3 hours.

Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Circuit

This is a 11 km circuit trek located in Freycinet National Park.  From the main car park, we trekked up to the Wineglass Bay Lookout. Fantastic views of Mount Freycinet and Wineglass Bay. To get to the Wineglass Bay beach, you can only head downhill towards Wineglass which the trail is defined by many steep sections. So steep is the trail that I told the husband I rather walk the longer Hazard Beach circuit to go back to the car than to climb this back up to the car park!

Wineglass Bay beach is awesome. Crystal clear blue sea, clean white sandy beach. Oh no, but the water was oh so cold~~~. Many people still braved the cold and jumped into the sea. How I wish I had my swimming gear with me! Well, we still rolled up our pants and ran into the water letting the cold water refreshed our tired legs. Shioks!

After much fun at the beach, we continued on towards Hazards Beach. The trail took us across the national park along the isthmus via a flat track. About 45 minutes later, we reached Hazards Beach. We had wanted to enjoyed our packed sandwiches on this beach, but alas.. nothing like the Wineglass beach. The beach here was filled with seaweeds washed ashore and many many flies… Haiz.

Well, it’s past noon, we decided to do a quick lunch and continued on. The trail here, along the beautiful coastline of the Great Oyster Bay, climbs gently uphill towards the car park (about 6 km). Certain areas are exposed so remember your sunblock and hat.

Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park is Tasmania first national park and is located just over 1 hr drive from Hobart. A diversity of landscapes and plants, from tall forests and waterfalls at the lower sections to the glaciated mountains, lakes of the highlands.

Did short walks to the Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Tall Trees Circuit. These are all easy walk which can be done within 30-45mins each.

 Cataract Gorge

A natural wonder only 15 minutes walk from the city centre of Launceston. There’s a free out swimming pool which opens from November to March, the world’s longest single-span chairlift and 2 walking tracks that straddle the gorge.

Visiting national parks in Tasmania requires you to purchase park entry fees. Money raised from the park entry fees goes towards the upkeep of the parks and reserves. As we visited quite a few national parks, we decided to purchase the 8 weeks vehicle pass for A$60/- (Note: Pass per vehicle per day cost A$24/-). Once purchased, remember to place the pass face up on the dashboard of the vehicle, we blur blur just keep it with us and received a summon ticket 😛