We were extremely lucky and blessed. Almost every night, our eyes were treated to this nature wonder.

远在冰岛的我们是幸运的。第三夜,大自然的奇迹就在我们眼前出现。然后下来的每一夜,它都对我们搔首弄姿。。。♥ 北极光=幸福 ♥

@Fosshotel Nupar, Skaftafell

After a day of glacier hiking at Skatafell with the hail, the rain, the snow… we finally check-in to our hotel — Fossfotel.  At the reception, we saw a log sheet for us to state our interest if we want to be notified if there were any aurora activities. Of course! So we wrote down all our room number on it.

We all headed to our room for our shower and agreed to gather later at the lobby area for a drink. I am the last to bath in our room of 3. As I was wiping down the water on my body and getting to dress in my pajamas, I heard Yin shouting to me to get out fast. Northern lights!! Arrgh… why at this time??? Wearing my clothes in a rush, wear the socks, put on my beanie and jacket, we rush out to the dark. Where?? We were all asking. “Look up to the sky!” We saw the faint green colour slowly light up the dark sky.. Wow…


Our 1st northern light sighting at Fossfotel

Northern lights right outside our hotel (Photo credit: Kenneth Boey)

After few rounds of hoo.. ahh… We went back to the hotel and started our nightly routine of drinks and snacks. Not too long later, we saw the reception guy running to each room and shouted “Northern lights! Northern lights!” What? Again? We scrambled back to our rooms to get our jacket and camera, leaving behind our drinks and snacks at the lobby.

This time, the northern lights were way better than the 1st round. I saw purple, pink, yellow, white and green! Oh no! and it was dancing!!


2nd sighting of the night. (Using handphone)

@Icelandair Hotel Herad, Egilsstaðir

On our road trip day 4, we reached the eastern part of Iceland. It was a long drive from Skaftafell, and it was so cold and windy that we just wanted to hide in the hotel room. On this night, we were treated to an amazing light show right at the comfort of our hotel room.

(Video credit: Kenneth Boey)

@Dimmuborgir Guesthouse, Lake Myvatn

This must be the best place to see northern lights! The lodges were situated by the lake. When the sun set for the day, it was total darkness. After our sumptuous home-cooked dinner, we noticed the faint green glowing outside. It’s time to go out for some light show! Gosh… when we stepped out of the lodge, the wind blew ruthlessly at us. Cold~~~

When we walked toward the lake, it got worst. No, we had to endure it, the lights were so amazing. Oh, we need to take picture of it… and of course, take a picture with it!

This must be a night of high activities for the northern lights. Throughout the night we saw the green light lit in the sky. In the middle of the night when I got up for the toilet, I saw it through the windows too. If only if it was not so cold, I would just laze on a lounge chair outside and feast my eyes the whole night 🙂

Us with the northern lights. Our lodges at the back. (Photo credit: Kenneth Boey)


Northern lights at the lake (Photo credit: Kenneth Boey)


In northern Iceland, Akureyri their 2nd largest city. Expecting snow, extreme cold and more light show at night! Haa, we just cannot get enough of it!

After dinner, I peeked out of the window trying to see if there’s any greenish happening. the bright-lited street lights were blinding me. I saw.. I saw this faint green light out there. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? I went downstairs and open the door to see.. oh no!! It’s there, really! The girls were all dressed up and all ready to go out to see. Sensing our excitement, Kenneth decided to take the car and we drove out to the other side of the mountain to catch yet another amazing light show.

From our house at Akureyri town (Photo credit: Kenneth Boey)
At the mountain looking towards the town (Photo credit: Kenneth Boey)